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C ONLY 22K 1 Combo BUY Milo protomalt less sugar milk 180ml + Salted egg custard steamed bun MILO DEALS SAI NEVER 7 Mua 2 Tang1 From: 6:00AM 01.04.2024 To: 11:59PM 30.04.2024 Buy 2* Get 1 Free 30K 3 Cans Carabao enegry drink 250ml 38K abao Carabad 3 Packs Any Poca wafer 115g POCA BANH EQUE POCA BANH POCA 34K 3 Bottles ONLY 19K 1 Cup BUY Any Lime Thai Tea size XL FREE 1 Steam Bun Cade BUY 1 PhaPhin Fresh milk coffee size M 回 K K 18K 1 Combo "Not apply at the same time with other promotions Jalah Any Lai Phu juicy milk 300ml Se Tri Cy 30K 3 Cans Any Sting enegry drink 320ml 28K 3 Boxes Any Marine Boy cracker 35g e-Trin Ch MARING MARI 50K 3 Packs Any Sunbites baked multigrain snacks 75g Pha Phin M Sun BITES Exclusive Sun BITES AT CIRCLE K 50K 3 Tubes Popit Doraemon chocolate milk 15g 32K 3 Packs Any Orion Boom gummy 49g/50g/52g Boo 52K 3 Sticks Celano salted coffee ice cream 60g Celano Celano Celano FREE BUY 1 Make up led mirror Smooth & Pure micellar water 100ml +1 Derma Angel acne patch for day 12pcs 50K 3 Packs Any Lay's snack 88g/90g Lay's CHACH 40K 3 Packs Any Imperial cookies 100g 68K 26K 3 Packs Jomi cotton pads 80 pcs 3 Bottles Any Nutriboost milk 297ml nutri nutri nutri boost, boost boost Lays lays ays Lays 26K 3 Sticks Ponnie sausage pork 45g 30K 3 Boxes TH UHT natural TH Hilo milk 180ml true TH TH true true MILK MILK HILO HILO HILO MILK 50K 3 Packs Swing double cheese /pepper beef 95g MAXX MAXX 30% Chee 30% Deals Hời Quà Xinh - Rinh về ngay! 137K FREE BUY 1 Combo 1 Stuffed black cat derma Angel Any 1 Colgate Optic White Purple toothpaste 100g +1 Colgate Optic White toothpaste/ toothbrush From only 119K FREE BUY 3 33K FREE BUY 6 3 Bottles 1 Combo 1 Fuzetea cup Any Fuzetea tea 450ml 1 Neck pillow Any Tea365 tea 500ml SAY fuze fuze Invisible "Limited quantities FREE BUY 1 Heart led night Any 1 Wangta toothbrush + 1 Lath toothpaste 150g 83K 1 Combo 치석 허니 케어 허블 "Limited quantities "Limited quantities "Limited quantities 78K 6 Bottles $365 "Limited quantities FREE BUY 4 4 Cones 1 Glass cup Cornetto white rose ice cream 87g 116K FREE BUY 4 KitKat U Zu 4 Sticks 1 KitKat backpack ice cream 68g at 1 Any Warrior enegry drink 330ml 132K FREE BUY Shin big bowl noodle soup 114g 46K 1 Combo Zareza "Limited quantities U2 U ZU "Limited quantities WARRIOR WARRIOR B EM! SHIN

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